The Process
The final design included images, documents, and illustrations. I chose to complete all of the illustrations myself using watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, and sepia tone inks.
As this project was a compilation of my grandmothers research, I was also working as editor and text compiler. The document of text had been written over several years and distributed throughout the family. What they hadn't seen was the images, illustrations, and the final pieces of the story including 3 generations. My effort on the text consisted of organizing the book into chapter pieces, each about a specific family member. The book is split into 2 family lines, which in the end get married.  These two individuals are my great-grandparents.
The Solution
"Almost Somewhere" was the chosen title simply because the family line is almost somewhere. Wherever that is, we aren't sure, and only those who come after us will be able to make any sense of that. The cover is a collage of different illustrations, documents, and maps found within the book. The finished product is a 101 page hard or soft bound book with full color illustrations, photos, maps, and timelines. It helps explain the way the family traveled to the USA from the UK and what religion and cultures they brought with them. The book is create with 12 pt and larger font to help with my older family members who have a hard time reading small font. The book pages are a compressed un-coated paper, that feels similar to parchment.
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