BCH Bridge & Garage
COLLABORATION WITH Selbert Perkins Design
Environmental Graphics
Bespoke Sculpture Design
Community Driven Art
Donor Signage
3D Visualization
Signage Installation Management
Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) reached out to Selbert Perkins Design (SPD) to help them to continue their wayfinding system across a new pedestrian bridge and existing parking garage as well as design public art opportunities and develop a donor signage system. The bridge would connect two sides of Longwood Avenue—a very busy intersection in the medical heart of Boston, Massachusetts. I joined the project in 2018 as Senior Experiential Designer to project manage the final selection of signage and installation across the space, help develop options for donor signage, as well as help to design two public art pieces in the garage public space.
I worked with previously presented concepts to develop new art pieces for the entry into the parking garage in the lobby vestibule and another in two tall spaces across floors 1-2 and 4-8.
The 4 different versions of the atrium mural shown in the model were used to showcase the different techniques we could use. The lobby mural was visualized only for location understanding.
The lobby vestibule mural concept was a large scale photographic mural planning to utilize the images of the staff and children treated at the hospital. This would used to build community engagement and feelings of positivity surrounding the building of the bridge.
The multi-level atrium art piece concept was a design based off of DNA sequencing using the brand colors of the hospital to create a dimensional waterfall effect. We worked through several creation techniques to determine the best way to hang and support it inside the space.
The major donor for the pedestrian bridge was awarded a larger design within the bridge entry point to the building as well as a large name location on the exterior of the bridge. I used the location to model up with the potential design options as well as show the general lighting conditions of the bridge as various times throughout the day. The client team and the donor chose the location on the parking garage tower.
The majority of the building, signage, and artwork were installed by the beginning of 2020. Due to the pandemic many areas became inaccessible for those not directly using the hospital services. Over the course of late 2020 and early 2021 the remaining signage and artwork were installed to positive comments from both staff and patients of the hospital.
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