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Image rights belong to IF/THEN® and Lyda Hill Philanthropies®
Conjointly with Amaze Design, we were contacted by and worked with the IF/THEN® philanthropy to help develop the visual brand identity and exhibit layout of a new display of 3D printed STEM women. I developed the exhibit brand system and visual design of the panels. The project commenced in January 2020 and now has been displayed in over seven locations nationwide.
The initial work started with the brand for: If/Then She Can The Exhibit, based on the main IF/THEN® system. Following the creation of the brand system I created layouts for the initial display at Dallas' Northpark Mall. This included an exterior map panel, interior double-sided interpretation pylon, and two different ID labels (one exterior, one interior), and a concrete embedded metal QR code with instructions outside. Below is a collection of images for each of the locations that final install photos are available. For more information about the exhibits and to see an up to date list of locations please visit ifthenexhibit.org/
New York, New York - Central Park Zoo 
(August 17, 2020 through January 2021)
Dallas Texas - North Park Preview 
(September 2020)
Dallas, Texas - Love Field Airport 
(December 10, 2020 until May 9, 2021)
Dallas Texas - North Park Official Installation 
(May 2021)
Washington D.C. - Smithsonian 
(March 2022)
Dallas, Texas - Dallas Arboretum 
(September 9th through December 31st, 2022)
Dallas, Texas - Perot Museum of Nature and Science 
(October to November 13, 2022)
Image rights belong to IF/THEN® and Lyda Hill Philanthropies®
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