The Client/Audience
Proper Hijinx is an independent theatre company in Dallas, founded by artistic director Stefany Cambra in late 2015. Proper Hijinx is looking to stir up the best kind of trouble by producing intimate works focused on contemporary issues. It is their goal to produce unique works that will resonate with the audience, focusing on the art of storytelling. Currently, Proper Hijinx produces four productions a year and advocates for growth in the theatre community by attending as many outside productions as possible.
The Problem
The Brief
The artistic director, Stefany, approached to me to create a branding and website design to be completed before the opening night of their inaugural performance. The design needed to appeal to their audience of Dallas Theatre-goers as well as potential performers who might audition for future performances. She wanted the design to express the youthful, contemporary, and edgy persona of the shows the company was dedicated to performing. The goals for this project included establishing a memorable branding presence through creation of both print and digital media. The website needed to be simple, editable, and extremely user friendly, while still displaying the Proper Hijinx personality.
The Process
Wireframes & Initial Designs
The Solution
The final design a branding and website that is all their own. The logo is now a staple to the promotional marketing material as well as social media. The website was launched on October 26th, 2015 and since that time the company’s performances have been reviewed by numerous critics and their artistic director has been featured in the press even more. As of January 2017 the website is averaging about 50 new visitors a day. In 2016, Proper Hijinx was called the ‘next up-and-coming theatre’ of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
After a short stint on webflow, Proper Hijinx and I decided to move their site to their own dedicated host, and the Couch CMS. They now have a website that they can grow with the next several years.
 “From the design of the logo to the website, Stevie has been indispensable to the formation of Proper Hijinx.”
~Stefany Cambra, Artistic Director, Proper Hijinx Productions
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