The Problem
The Brief.
A proposed exhibition in response to National Museum of Scotland's Design & Home upcoming exhibition. This exhibition looks at the relation between home and design. Co-designed with one other designer, this project includes an intimate and familiar focus on Scottish Media and how it portrays the “Scottish Home”, as well as the perspective of the Scottish Families on the “Scottish Home”.
The Process
The Concept.
When first considering the home and design, my partner and I looked at objects, types of homes, and how homes have changed. Moving further into the project we started to consider what is a home? How does one define their own home? And what is the difference between our home (be are both from outside the UK) and the home we have in Scotland?
Below is a look at our thinking through mind mapping.
The Layout.
We started by setting up what and where we wanted in the exhibition. We were requested to crowd source as much material as possible. To keep the project moving we started the layout phase while gathering interpretative materials, knowing we could change the layout later. As a proposed exhibition we were designing for a space on campus, the Glassroom, a meeting and gathering space at the front of the campus.
We were able to align eight (8) exhibits with a theme of the exhibition. Four (4) were to reflect the idea of the Scottish home through the media (this was designed by my partner), and four (4) were to reflect the idea of the Scottish home through the people who lived there.
Mixed media from the media bay. To see the full newspaper click here. To see the full magazine click here. To see the full blog click here.
The Solution
The Final Design.
The final design culminated in a full design guide and implementation of two prototype designs for the exhibition. The design guide describes the materials, cost, and implementation of the exhibition. You can view it larger by clicking here.
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